Winter Ice Damage Repair

This beautiful A-Frame on a nice property was leaking water in the winter.

We accessed the roof and put safety jack and planks in place then we blew off the snow with a leaf blower. The bare roof revealed that the problem was ice. Water was seeping under the shingles and expanding when it froze. This lifted the shingles, allowing even more water in.

After removing the impacted ice from underneath the shingles, the shingles were tacked down so water could no longer seep under the edges.

A good preventive solution is to install heat strips along the edge of the roof, which prevents snow and ice from accumulating and also prevents dangerous icicles from forming.

Barrie Jail

This was one of the earlier projects that helped put BA Roofing on the map. It was a big job that involved simultaneous sloped shingle and flat roofing rebuilds.

We had a full crew on this job and multiple vehicles.

At the end of the day, the roofs we rebuilt were all like new and ready to last another 20 years.